Turn Around Time

Howling wind made it feel colder than 40s today. Some gusts topped 40 and 50 mph! Now as quickly as it came in, it gets heaved out with an approaching warm front.

We’re in rapid fire mode now folks. The pattern pitches the cold to us late weekend, brews up a gnarly ocean storm early next week, then does a 180 and warms us up by late week. Hang on tight.

Saturday starts gray and – you guessed it – breezy. Winds of a different sort this time around though: southwest. They’ll help boost the temperatures to the low 50s for some (see image above). Couple of reasons for the cutoff in the 50s in the Merrimack Valley/Southern NH.

  1. Warm front doesn’t reach you
  2. Sun will be hidden most of the day

Sunday’s back to the good old cold air. The real numbing cold waits for Monday, however. Highs NEAR freezing? Now it’s getting comical! But wait, the cold has steered away several storms lately. Will it do the same with a major ocean tempest Tue night/Wed?

Possibly, yes.

Remember what I said at the beginning of the blog? Everything is moving along: the cold, the warmth and the storms. There is NO blocking across the higher latitudes in the Maritime Provinces or Greenland. This flushes storms – rather than stalling or seizing them. Had our storm been caught in a block, it might have had a chance to be captured and towed back to New England. The result would have been A LOT of snow. As it stands now, there will be a raging blizzard out over the fish, but just a gusty day with sun (and some Cape snowshowers possible).

The proud papa, Chris Lambert, will be back tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend.