Urban Update

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Coming up on this week’s episode of Urban Update, host Alberto Vasallo will introduce Kevin Fudge, the director of the Center for Consumer Advocacy. The goal of the Center for Consumer Advocacy is to broaden the public understanding of college financing and repayment.

Next, Vasallo will introduce Dimock Community Health Center President and CEO Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan to tell us more about the 30th anniversary bash: Steppin’ Out. This black tie event is the premier fundraiser for Dimock. Vasallo will also be joined by Melissa Macdonnell, the President of Liberty Mutual Foundation, a company that has been involved with Dimock and Steppin’ Out since 1990.

Vasallo will then welcome the DJ for the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots, TJ Connelly, to tell us more about his awesome job and what it’s like to DJ for a crowd of more than 66,000 people.

In the last segment of Urban Update, host Alberto Vasallo will sit down with founder and CEO of Longwood Care and Mrs. Massachusetts Universal 2017, Anna Svetchnikov. Svetchnikov will discuss their new social campaign “I’m Not Bad” and how it adds more meaning to children’s everyday behaviors.