Urban Update

Urban Update Airs at 11:30am on Channel 7 -WHDH

Urban Update Airdate 09/25/2016:

Coming up on this week’s episode of Urban Update, host Byron Barnett will begin by discussing Boston police officers wearing body cameras while on duty. A total of 108 officers currently are wearing cameras while on duty. Joining the show to discuss this issue will be Segun Idowu, co organizer of the Boston Police Camera Action Team.

On the next segment, host Byron Barnett will share news about Boston Arts Academy receiving an award along with only 19 other schools throughout the country. Joining the show to discuss the award is headmaster of Boston Arts Academy, Anne Clark.

The final segment of this week’s Urban Update will feature the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. Those without older mentors are given the opportunity to receive a mentor. To discuss this program, Ivett Delgado, Community Relations Supervisor at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay and Alex Barber, Latino Partnership Coordinator at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay were invited to the show.


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