Bridal party takes photos with puppies instead of flowers

LANCASTER, PA (WHDH) — A bridal party in Pennsylvania recently took pictures not with flowers or bouquets, but with adorable puppies.

Caroline Logan already has six years of photographing under her belt. She started when she was 14, but her most recent stint was like nothing she had done before.

She photographed Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth and Louisa, who are all sisters, but were not bridesmaids. In fact, they are coonhound boxer mix puppies.

In the center with the bridge was Biggie Smalls, a pitbull pup.

National shows and websites picked up some of the photos, but it was the bride’s idea to pick the pups.

She works with two rescue organizations and when the litter came in days before her big day, it was fate.

“The entire bridal party was able to focus on just loving on the puppies and interacting with them instead of being concerned about how do I pose, where do I stand, do I look ok?” Logan said.

The puppies are all named after the original five first ladies and are up for adoption.

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