Indiana officer caught on camera comforting young student

A simple act of kindness captured on camera has captured hearts around the world.

Indiana State Capitol Police Sgt. Precious Cornner-Jones didn’t know the photo was taken, but she’s glad it was, and it’s not the first time the officer has tried to spread some joy.

Sgt. Cornner-Jones patrols downtown and also likes to visit schools.

On Monday she was at a high-five rally put on by her pastor when a small boy caught her eye.

“He just came through looking all sad and I was, like, ‘What’s wrong, buddy?’ Then I just went up, hugged him and twirled him around and put him down and I noticed he was, like…then he just fell to the ground,” she said.

She gave her phone to the pastor who, unbeknownst to her, captured the touching moment.


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