Warmest Since October 7th

One step out the door this morning, and you knew it was going to be a warm day.  In fact, with temperatures in the mid 70s in the city of Boston, it was the warmest day we’ve seen since October 7th.  When compared to the averages, it was more like early to mid June and not mid April. I’d say the complaint department should be closed on a day like this, but I’ll give in to the fact that the wind was a bit much.  In fact, those powerful southerly winds gusted 40-50mph at times, almost enough to knock you over if caught off guard.

Tonight, the wind stays out of the south, keeping us near 60 for an overnight low!  Clouds overtake the skies, so if you want to catch the “Blood Moon”, it may be tough to catch enough breaks in the sky.  That, and you’ll have to be up mighty early in the morning. http://earthsky.org/space/what-is-a-blood-moon-lunar-eclipses-2014-2015

Winds are active out of the south tomorrow, once again gusting 40-50mph at times late morning, through the afternoon.  This time around, temps hold in the mid to upper 60s for most and we’ll track showers moving in.  The showers are scattered about at first, but become more consistent west of 495 in the afternoon.  Close to the city of Boston, those showers remain hit or hit in the afternoon.  A soaking rain works in for all of us during the evening, at times causing ponding on the roads and in poor drainage areas.  Along with the soaking rains, a gusty southerly wind prevails and even a few cracks of thunder are possible.  The heaviest rain tapers off after 2:00AM, but in it’s wake, MUCH colder air pours on in. 

The colder pattern prevails from Wednesday, through the weekend and into early next week as plenty of 40s and 50s show up on the 7day.  It’ll be a mainly dry pattern, aside from possible showers on Saturday.  Long range forecast at this point indicates a dry, but cool Marathon Monday with temps near 50 and winds onshore, allowing for the coolest temps along the coast.

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