Weekend On Simmer

Last night's rain got a little out of hand. Storms erupted in the rain bands, and the water flowed from the sky. Widespread 1-2" amounts were recorded, with Blue Hill setting a daily rainfall record of 2.03". Not only surprised me, but also our colorful weather spotter, Rich Mahanor from Scituate. 

"…I stayed up and observed this rain episode really get going with extended heavy downpour action! Throw in some thunder & lightning, too!! It was distant off to my south as I saw the lightning and heard from where the thunder was coming. This added more to the heavy rainfall. The wind picked up in the thunder portion from the ESE at 20mph, then slowly calmed to fewer than 10mph as the storm rolled off to my south and east. When I first started watching the rain gauge, it was reading 0.07”. Upon re-awakening later today, I expected about an inch plus some change. What a surprise when I saw the reading at 1.87”!!"

Come on, you know you're a closet weather geek too. Why else would you be reading this blog? 

Oh, yeah. You wanted some insight into the weekend forecast. Well, it's a simple read, really.

Hot with increasing humidity.

This should be the hottest weekend of the summer (so far) widespread 90s are likely on Sunday as the sun sizzles and the storms stay away. Only exception to the fiery forecast is a gentle, refreshing sea breeze along the coast which should knock back the temperatures to the mid/upper 80s at the beachfront. This important feature could keep Boston from seeing its first 90 degree day of the season. I have my money on the temperature staying sub-90 this time around. Sea breezes are fickle for sure, but when in doubt, sea breeze it out.

Next week gets a little unsettled from Monday through midweek. Storms and showers could fire in the unstable, humid airmass, but these don't look like washouts…nor will they be as hot.

Be cool.



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