Why Elizabeth Warren won the Senate seat

BOSTON (WHDH) — Elizabeth Warren's win was no surprise – most polls predicted she would win, and she did.

The person she should thank most is the president; the group she should thank most is women.

Warren got nearly 90 per cent of the votes that went to Obama, and she beat Scott Brown among women by more than ten points.

She also had the support of the Massachusetts Democratic machine – which includes labor and public employees – and the emotional support of every Bay Stater who thinks of this Senate seat as the Kennedy seat.

In her victory speech, Warren graciously pledged to try to be the same kind of Senator Kennedy was.

That means Warren should not forget one of Kennedy’s strengths – working across the aisle with republicans.

For Scott Brown, Tuesday night’s outcome was almost inevitable.

Yes, he's a natural campaigner, who tried to be a moderate in the Senate, and an independent voice.

But, this time, that wasn't enough – and it's possible no Republican could have won this race.

But Brown still has a future – he could run for the senate again if John Kerry becomes Secretary of State, or he could run for Governor in 2014.

For now, Brown has a truckful of memories of what he called his "wonderful ride" to Washington, D.C. but he and his truck are coming back to Wrentham.