Woman struck by Duck Boat in Back Bay

BOSTON (WHDH) - A woman stepping off the sidewalk in the Back Bay was struck by a Duck Boat and the company said their driver is not at fault for it.

The incident happened at the intersection of Arlington Street and Boylston Street in the Back Bay. Video recorded from the Duck Boat shows the woman walking into the street, directly into the Duck Boat’s path.

The woman was knocked down by the Duck Boat but was not seriously injured.

The Massachusetts Senate approved a bill setting new safety regulations for Duck Boats after a 28-year-old woman was hit and killed by one while she was riding her scooter back in April. A few months later, a woman crossing the street in the Back Bay was hit by a Duck Boat and survived.

New safety measures on Duck Boats could include sensors and prohibiting drivers from also being tour narrators.

“We are doing our part and working with the city but pedestrians also have to do their part, for everyone’s safety,” said Boston Duck Tours in a statement. “Stepping off the curb into traffic, not at the crosswalk, without looking and without warning, puts everyone at risk, our passengers included.”

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