Wringing Out The Forecast

Rain, rain, go FAR away.

Wasn’t too long ago, we were in a mini-drought. Since last August, precipitation has been below normal for all but two months: December and February. However, after 3-5+  inches of rain, we’re waterlogged. This is the biggest rain event since June 7-8 of last year and many rivers and streams across New England are still in flood.

Now it’s time to wring things out and bring back the sun. Temperatures are recovering too as the upper atmosphere warms & the winds turn in a more favorable direction….for some.

This time of year, it’s tough to find something to cheer about along the coast. Sea breezes are a daily occurrence, and can knock off 10 (or more) degrees from what our neighbors are seeing just a few miles inland. In addition, clouds want to linger as the sea breeze imparts lots of moisture to feed and maintain them.

So we wait…for that opportune time to turn the tables and bask in the sun. Well, sun is coming, and perhaps we could hinder the sea breeze for a few hours the coming days. What I DON’T see is a huge April warmup (which we know we CAN happen this time of year) nor do I see another big flooding rain event. Just a little batch of rain by Saturday morning.