Famous Friends: Jason Brown and Arsenio Hall

The men’s figure skating competition will take place Friday night, and U.S. skater Jason Brown has one famous fan cheering him on stateside: late night talk show host Arsenio Hall!  

Brown was a guest on Arsenio’s show last month after he finished second at the U.S. Championships in Boston.

Jason’s mom worked with Hall back in 1989, when his first show was on the air.

And even though Jason was born after the “Arsenio Hall Show” ended, the two spent a lot of time together growing up, and they are still friends.

“He’s always just the most supportive, the most kind and he’s always there for me and supporting me through it all,” said Jason Brown.

“You love this kid when he skates. It’s so surreal that my little friend, I consider him like my nephew, my little friend is in Sochi,” said Arsenio Hall, host of “Arsenio.”

Arsenio says he’s traveled to see Brown perform live a number of times, and always at least watches on TV or online.

“Sure, he does a triple axel and executes the ice skating moves perfectly but something comes through in his face, the showmanship, the love for it,” Arsenio said.

Arsenio told Brown he doesn’t want a t-shirt from Sochi; all he wanted was a medal.