One And Done

#TBT is tomorrow but today we were thrown back in full summer mode—morning humidity, afternoon heat capped off with a scattering of showers & storms. Like so many other days this year—most of us didn’t not see rain and those of is that did, I bet the falling raindrops were outnumbered by falling leaves. What we all will see is a return to that awesome early fall weather we had on Monday & Tuesday. A cold front continues to barrel south through New England right now..
and this front has teeth. The cool fronts of summer are weak at best–often just briefly lowering humidity rather than ushering in any type of cool down– but once you get into September the cold fronts are legit. Check out this map detailing the temps at 5pm (ignore the *current temp* in that banner–I couldn’t figure out how to swap out the timestamp):


Low 80s around the metro but only in the 60s up in northern VT/NH. After a long, hot summer I am totally ready for that type of air to return to these parts and it happens beginning late tonight! for the remainder of the week, we have some awesome weather—cool, crisp mornings with mild afternoons that are loaded with all sorts of sunshine!

Our weekend starts that way as well but Sunday, we see our next weather system–a warm front. this front will try to bring the humidity back into New England for a few days and that increase in humidity will lead to clouds as well as a scattering of showers for Sunday-Sunday Night. The rain will be scattered so outdoor activities may get off without a hitch but a few showers are likely–including Gillette for the Pats-Dolphins game. More on that shower timeline as we get closer to the weekend.



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