Olympic pool where water turned green closed for practice


RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Olympic divers say the pool at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Center was closed for morning practice, apparently to allow more time to clean the water.

The water suddenly turned green Tuesday, midway through the synchronized diving events. The pool was shut down when some divers arrived Friday morning, though it did finally open around noon.

The women’s 3-meter individual event is scheduled to begin in the afternoon. Officials haven’t commented on the closing.

American diver Abby Johnston says she showed up for her warmup, only to learn the pool was shut down without any notice. She wrote on Twitter that “FixTheSwamp” should start trending.

British diver Tom Daley, who won bronze in the synchro platform event, wrote on Twitter of the pool closing: “Hopefully that means we haven’t been diving in anything too bad the last couple of days!”

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