The frustration is growing by the day among the residents of a condominium complex in Somerville.

An expanding homeless encampment under I-93 directly across from their lobby has become a chaotic scene over the past few months.

“I walk out here and there are people that shouldn’t be inside inside,” said Somerville resident Harish Rajaram.

“We’ve had things stolen from the apartment,” said one resident who wished to remain anonymous. “I’ve seen people fornicating in public.

When they look out their window, residents at 60 Cross Street East see individuals stumbling, some are yelling at people who walk by, and others are lying unconscious on the ground. Sometimes they find the homeless sleeping inside their lobby.

“We’ve actually had to change our code access to move it outside,” the anonymous resident said. “We had someone urinating in the building the other day.”

Since June, the encampment has grown from a few chairs to a fully furnished living room.

Condo owners and some state officials have urged the city to relocate the homeless.

“I don’t think it’s safe for an encampment this close to this dangerous roadway,” said State Rep. Mike Connolly. “The reality is we’ve had fatalities on that roadway.”

Somerville Mayor Katjana Ballantyne said she thought that a new warming center would get the homeless off the streets, but not everyone took advantage of that offer.

“We understand that some residents have urged for sweeps of the location,” Ballantyne said. “Displacing people who are experiencing homelessness can actually prolong the process.”

The city is trying to make a compassionate approach to this problem by getting all these people into long term housing, but time is running out to find a solution: a highway project planned this spring will force the encampment to move.

“It’s to a point where the people are choosing to be there,” the anonymous resident said.

We asked Mayor Ballantyne if she felt like there is any sense of urgency to make sure that these people are in long term care.

“There is an urgency to make sure that residents who are experiencing homelessness are as safe as possible,” she answered.

“It’s not fair to allow them to live like this,” the anonymous resident said “It’s a service to them to even let it persist.”

“I think you should be compassionate to the people who live here, but you should also be compassionate to them and make sure they find a better place to live,” Rajaram said.

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