Construction is booming in Everett. Three major apartment buildings are under construction in the city’s ‘Commercial Triangle.’ Over the next few years, the projects are expected to bring in nearly 2,000 new housing units; additions many hope will revitalize the area and help ease the housing crisis.

While local officials look towards the projects with hopeful eyes, the view is tainted for some local businesses.

“That concrete that is in those buildings is concrete from Benevento Concrete. It’s staying there, it’s never getting removed and we just want to get paid for it,” said Wayne Tarr, the general manager at Benevento Concrete.

Benevento is a family-run construction company out of Wilmington, Massachusetts that has help build the Boston area for the last four generations.

When the business was presented with the opportunity to provide concrete for the apartment complexes in Everett, Tarr said they were excited to join the projects.

“We wanted to help build Everett,” Tarr said.

While the project started out smoothly, Tarr said his company hasn’t been fully paid for their work.

Benevento Concrete is owed $1.2 million for its work on one building, according to a lien filed on the property at 35 Garvey Street.

The lien pointed fingers at Greystar Development and Construction, the general contractor of the project, and one of the subcontractors, Dominion Concrete.

“I don’t look at it just us. There’s other men, women who worked on that project, who worked for other companies who didn’t get paychecks or weren’t able to put food on the table,” Tarr said.

7 Investigates found nearly two dozen liens filed on two Everett projects that involved Greystar and Dominion. The liens were filed by companies and workers’ unions and claimed they are collectively owed millions of dollars.

One lawsuit filed by the Boston Plasterers and Cement Masons Local Union against Greystar and Dominion stated that Dominion Concrete “failed to pay the complete cost of labor” and “became and remains delinquent in payment contributions and workers dues.”

Greystar told 7 Investigates it paid Dominion but Dominion didn’t always pay the other businesses. Greystar paid Dominion $10.6 million of its $12.6 original contract, according to a lien filed by Dominion.

Greystar eventually terminated its contract with Dominion Concrete and the company is no longer in business.

“This past summer, the concrete contractor for two Greystar projects notified us that they were financially unable to complete their work. While unfortunate, this sometimes happens in the

construction industry, and there are established processes and procedures for subcontractors to seek remedy. Greystar has taken all appropriate steps and followed standard industry practice, including meeting with subcontractors who worked on the project to address this issue as best we can,” a spokesperson for Greystar wrote in a statement.

Former owners of Dominion Concrete did admit to 7 Investigates they were struggling to stay on budget. Over the summer. Dominion owed more than $600,000 to the IRS and was suing another company for $2 million of unpaid work on a different project, according to public documents.

Around a dozen liens have been dissolved and debts paid by Greystar, based on bonds filed with Middlesex County.

Tarr said Greystar did pay Benevento $442,000 for the money they were owed on one apartment building, but the company is still owed $1.2 million for the other project.

“We’ve tried everyone else at Greystar, we’ve gotten no response from anybody and we just want our money,” Tarr said.

A spokesperson for Greystar said there are no anticipated delays to the openings of the buildings. The apartment complex at 35 Garvey Street is expected to open in mid-2024.

A representative for the city of Everett did not comment on the liens and said the “city is not aware of any impacts to ongoing work at those sites.”

But Tarr said the impact to some businesses continues as their debt goes unsettled.

“We just want to get paid. That’s all we want. To get recognized and just get paid,” Tarr said

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