Laura Yaker is an entertainer by nature.

But when she wants to be entertained, she turns on her TV.

So she treated herself to a new flat screen last summer.

“We had a spot for it,” Laura said.

She was enjoying her shows, but then she saw something she didn’t want to watch.

“All of a sudden a green vertical line appeared that goes all the way down the screen,” Laura said.

Laura contacted the manufacturer and was told the TV was still under warranty.

The manufacturer said they’d arrange for a local repairman to fix it, but no one came.

“The service person was not responding,” she said.

Feeling forgotten, Laura reached out to the manufacturer again.

Laura said, “I was just so frustrated–I demanded to speak to the supervisor who just like everyone else said, oh this never should have happened.”

So she asked for a refund, but when that was denied, she called Solve It 7!

“I was really impressed with how responsive you guys were,” she said.

We contacted the manufacturer and explained that the TV was still broken and the repairman was not calling Laura back.

A week later the company agreed to refund Laura’s $599.

She used it to buy a different TV.

“It’s a huge relief to just have it taken care of. I’m thrilled that it’s over with,” she said.

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