SHIRLEY, MASS. (WHDH) - Residents of one Massachusetts town are at a breaking point as freight trains continue to hurl trash along the tracks, leaving their beloved community littered.

7 Investigates what’s behind this ongoing problem. Davie Puglisi reports.

A walk along the tracks in Shirley will uncover Styrofoam scattered across the area.

Meghan Guthrie is among the residents who are sick of the mess.

“And it keeps happening, it’s not all just that one time,” she said. “We just see Styrofoam and plastic coming out of the tops.”

Residents who spoke with 7NEWS said they want to come out and clean up the trash just to beautify the neighborhood, but they can’t, and their frustrated.

Shirley Town Administrator Michael McGovern sympathizes.

“It’s technically not our property along the lines,” he said.

“I’m just hitting a dead end …. Just because we’re a little past Boston and we’re small little Shirley doesn’t mean we don’t command the same respect like more affluent communities.”

A spokesman for Berkshire & Eastern Railroad said, “This is the first time we’re hearing of Styrofoam falling out of railcars, so we will take a look this week at what’s going on. We are committed to being good stewards of the community and if there is a building of trash along our right of way, we will work to clean it up.” 7

7 Investigates reached out to Keolis, which is responsible for rail and land maintenance. They assured us they’ll work with city officials to address the trash issue. A solution residents eagerly aticipate.

Berkshire & Eastern also tell us that these freight trains are tarped by the their customers. They will be checking in with them to make sure more pieces like this aren’t tossed onto the tracks. And they remind citizens to stay away from the tracks for their own safety.

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