BOSTON (WHDH) - The police are good at finding stuff—your car, your pet, your wallet—but this time, we found something for them.

Robert Marino, Middleton Police Benevolent Association: “It was good news, it was really, really good news!”

Money. Their money.

Detective Michael Delehanty, Winthrop Police Association: “It’s fantastic!”

It’s all money we found in the Massachusetts State Treasurer’s Office Unclaimed Property Division. That’s the office that puts out this list of people who don’t realize they have money coming to them. Abandoned bank accounts, forgotten checks, uncashed dividends. And our detective work found more than a quarter million dollars for local law enforcement.

Money for the Massachusetts State Police, for the Boston Police, for Lexington, for Middlefield, and for Newbury.

The Middleton Police Benevolent Association will get $3200!

Robert Marino: “I’m very grateful to you finding it for us!”

The Winthrop Police Association will get $5739.

Detective Michael Delehanty: “And we appreciate it!”

This Treasurers office spreadsheet shows there’s money for police in Braintree, Carver, Billerica, Medford and more.

We wondered–why wouldn’t these places know it?

But the state treasury official in charge of unclaimed property told me— with so many transactions, it’s not uncommon.

Hank Phillippi Ryan: “Are you surprised that police departments have money coming to them?”
Mark William Bracken, J.D., Massachusetts Treasurer’s Office, Unclaimed Property Division: “I’m not surprised because I see every day that so many different people, so many different business have money coming to them.”

Cops say the cash will go straight to the community. Winthrop will use the money for more outreach events like this, and in Middleton, it will help needy families

Here’s more good news: Because of our story money may be on the way to your town, too.

Hank: “Have any police departments called you since we called them?”
Mark William Bracken: “Dozens.”
Hank: “Dozens?”
Mark William Bracken: “Yes!”
Hank: “And what’s happened as a result?”
Mark William Bracken: “We’ve been able to return over tens of thousands of dollars.”
Hank: “What do you think about that?”
Mark William Bracken: “I think it’s great.”

Now some police departments are actively getting on the case. The Mass State Police told us: Since we clued them in, they’ll be checking with the treasurer every month.

Do you have money coming to you? Click here or call 617-367-0400 or 1-800-647-2300 (toll-free Massachusetts only)

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