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TSA Fee Refunds

You can’t board a flight without going through the screening line: the TSA scans you and checks your luggage. And each time you buy aRead More

Insurance Proceeds

Now a story you’ll see on just one station: insurance companies, withholding millions of dollars that could be yours! Hank reveals how they’re keeping cashRead More

Secret Police Files

Now video you’ll see on just one station–and it may include pictures of you! Tonight in her exclusive report, Hank reveals how law enforcement officialsRead More

Doggie Daycare Dangers

Now exclusive photos you’ll see on just one station–inside the Weymouth doggie daycare where a dog died this summer. Hank’s discovered town officials knew thereRead More

Sick in the Sky

What happens if you have a medical emergency on board a commercial flight? Or become ill at 30,000 feet? Are airlines always prepared to helpRead More

Fur Fake Out

The look of fur is all the rage, but some fashionistas want to make sure what they wear is fake. Now Hank’s investigation reveals youRead More