Navy Yard Marina

The sailboats… the yachts… and the people soaking up the summer sun, it’s one of the most treasured and iconic places in our city. ButRead More

Medical Marijuana

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Smart Camera Technology

As tens of thousands of people get ready for the huge fourth of July celebration at the esplanade – police are clamping down the security.Read More

Brockton police surveillance photos

Now controversial surveillance photos you’ll see on just one station: An outraged Brockton man says local police roughed him up and then lied about it.Read More

Wedding videographer doesn’t deliver

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Bus Safety App

Buses are great and inexpensive way to hit the road for your summer getaway, but before you buy that ticket there’s something you should know.Read More

Update: Circuit Breaker Replacements

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Money for schools in state coffers

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Update: Wedding videographer who doesn’t deliver speaks out

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Illegal porn downloading

People in Massachusetts have become the victims of a dirty trick. They’re getting letters in the mail that say they’ve illegally downloaded porn movies. ManyRead More