Sick in the Sky

What happens if you have a medical emergency on board a commercial flight? Or become ill at 30,000 feet? Are airlines always prepared to helpRead More

Battle brewing over ruined street in Lynn

A battle erupted in Lynn when residents say a contractor hired by the city to improve their street left it in shambles. When nothing wasRead More

Update: AG sues wedding videographer’s business

A wedding photographer who ran away from 7News cameras after we asked him about dozens of wedding videos he never delivered on ran into troubleRead More

Fur Fake Out

The look of fur is all the rage, but some fashionistas want to make sure what they wear is fake. Now Hank’s investigation reveals youRead More

Preventing Roof Collapse in Storm

Heavy snow puts a lot of weight on your roof, putting it in danger of collapsing. But there are steps you can take to protectRead More

New medical marijuana regulations released

Today the state revealed the final regulations for medical marijuana. Since January it’s been legal in Massachusetts for people to use pot WITH A DOCTORSRead More

City of Boston didn’t collect money its owed

Now a story you’ll see only on 7! Hank uncovers a shocking financial mess and it’s your money that’s missing. Why didn’t the city ofRead More

Changes in the works at Mass. Unemployment Office

Now a story you’ll see only on 7: When you call a state agency it’s a no brainer, you expect someone to answer the phone.Read More

Wedding photographer ordered to pay

Action now after a Hank investigation of a controversial wedding photographer. He’s now ordered to pay more than half a million dollars in penalties —Read More

Shocking backlog in DNA testing of rape kits

New information after a Hank Investigation: State Officials revealed the shocking backlog in the DNA testing of rape kits that Hank uncovered, is getting muchRead More