Cain allegations help opponents

And I don't think we'll ever know. Why? Because whatever he said may not be what the women heard. So his memory probably won't matchRead More

Brown on Campaign Attack Ads

From Washington, Brown charged it's this ad that's terribly wrong: "Tell Senator Brown enough's enough. Ask him to support the "Close Big Oil Tax LoopholesRead More

There are two Americas

Last night, it was President Obama: "We've lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate BridgeRead More

Perry’s flat tax plan

Perry's plan includes an optional 20% flat income tax rate for individuals and corporations…private retirement accounts for Social Security…and Medicare reforms. Perry's proposal is moreRead More

GOP debate: Romney wins again

Cain's calling card is his 9-9-9 economic plan, and his rivals called him on it. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann: "If you give Congress a 9% salesRead More

Support is rising for Herman Cain

"A lot of people are taking a second look and saying maybe this long shot isn't such a long shot,” Cain said. No one isRead More

NH Republican Debate

With polls showing Romney the clear GOP frontrunner, and the only republican beating President Obama, his seven opponents shared the same strategy: stop Romney beforeRead More

Romney Rising

"Now is not my time," Governor Chris Christie said. Two days, two down, and maybe no more to go. As potential Conservative candidates melt, theRead More

Warren’s political debut

Elizabeth Warren was like Mitt Romney and Rick Perry combined at a Republican debate–every eye was on her. So the challenge for the five otherRead More

Ron Paul wins respect

Right now, you're running 5th in GOP national polls, but you're fourth in Iowa, and third in New Hampshire, and you think you can winRead More