Bri Eggers

The Latest on #4

Here are the updated details for Round 4: Timeline:  The snow is slow to move in through the day tomorrow, and takes until maybe 1pmRead More

Here We Go Again

Yes, if you’re feeling like “that escalated quickly…” it really did.  But like almost all of our storms this winter, just when you think youRead More

Bright & Cold

It’s a different day – and even a different season, come Tuesday – but still the same old cold and active pattern.  We’ll have anotherRead More

Bitter Breeze

I likely include too much of my opinion in my weather blogs and forecasts… but if I may – That wind was BRUTAL today!!!  TheRead More

The Last Weekend of Winter

Well, for what it’s worth, this is the last weekend of winter coming up – and it really does feel like it.  Temperatures are notRead More

Snow to Sun

We’re not done with this storm just yet, but I want to get a start on tonight’s weather blog.  First off, thank you to everyoneRead More

Next Nor’easter

Here we go.  Round 3.  I kept saying it last night, and I personally hope it rings true that “bad things come in threes,” andRead More

The Next Nor’easter

Well, here we go again… kind of.  I know that coming out of an historic storm like we experienced this past weekend leaves us allRead More