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Summer? Really?

Today was probably not what most of us had in mind for the first Saturday of summer.  High temps were in the low to midRead More

Monday’s Wicked Weather

Well, now that things are all quiet and calm (and DRY and SUNNY) across the area, yesterday’s wild weather is behind us.  However, I thoughtRead More

Hot AND Humid AND Breezy

It’s not just the heat that’s in store for most of us tomorrow (into the 90s we go!) but it’s also the humidity that comesRead More

Hot, then Hot AND Humid

Another dry weekend!  I suppose we’ve really broken that streak of dry weekday weather, and wet weather for the weekends.  Not only that, but thisRead More

Getting Warmer… HOT!

Cool today?  Yes, about 10-15 degrees cooler than normal for this time of year.  We kept the cloud cover around throughout the day, and thenRead More

“We Need Rain”

Would you believe me if I told you I got at least a handful of tweets and emails this weekend saying, “We need rain, Bri”Read More

Dry Weekend!

We’ve said it a lot moving into this weekend – but it’s worth saying again:  Finally a completely dry weekend!!  We haven’t had both weekend daysRead More