Chris Lambert

Temp Roller Coaster Ahead

Wow!… Another great day in the books yesterday as highs climbed into the mid 80s during the afternoon with plenty of sunshine across the area.Read More

Back Into the 80s

Happy Hump Day folks, we’re half way through the workweek and the long holiday weekend awaits us!  Ahh… the unofficial start of summer, when weRead More

Sunglasses to Umbrellas

After perfection prevailed yesterday, not only is it hard to beat 80 degrees, sunshine and low humidity, it’s hard to repeat that performance. Despite aRead More

Monday Perfection

Oh, sure, now the weather is perfect now that we’re back to school and back to work. Come on Ma’ Nature, we need to workRead More

Temp Roller Coaster Ahead

Roller coasters at amusements parks are fun. Roller coasters in the forecast aren’t so much, as keeping track of day to day changes can beRead More

Much Cooler… Quieter Too

Downpours, gusty winds and quite a bit of lightning was the theme here yesterday afternoon and early last evening, but the bulk of the damagingRead More

Roller Coaster Ahead

Welcome back to re-entry mode as it’s back to school and back to work for many of us today. I hope all you moms hadRead More