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Finally, A Dry Weekend!

Good Saturday! High pressure over the Northeast will provide us with a phenomenal weekend with a good deal of sunshine and low humidity. A farRead More

When It Rains, It Rains!

Good Sunday! Another very busy weekend day here in the weather office. Seems like this is becoming a weekly thing around these parts! First, lastRead More

Wet Start To The Weekend

Good Saturday folks! Well, I’m trying to stay positive, it’s really not too “good” of a Saturday, weather wise, but we’ll try to make theRead More

A Quiet End To The Weekend

Happy Sunday! We are certainly seeing a much more tranquil day today than yesterday thanks to a ridge of high pressure settling into the regionRead More

Sunday, Not So Fun Day

Happy Sunday! Warm and humid air is surging northward along a warm front today and will bring with it the chance for showers and thunderstormsRead More

A “Mezza mezza” Weekend.

Happy Saturday! Growing up with a family from East Boston, the phrase “mezza mezza” was nothing short of being overused! So when someone asks me,Read More