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Once in A Blue Moon

You’ve probably heard the saying “once in a blue moon.”  Well, depending on your definition, that happens tonight. In Shakespeare’s day, “once in a blue moon”…

Here Comes the Sun

Since it has been so long since we have seen the sun, and that bright yellow ball may seem unfamiliar to you, how about someRead More

Sun At the End of the Tunnel

Today marks the 7th straight day that the Boston area has recorded measurable rain.  Tomorrow,  Mother’s Day, will make it 8 straight days.  That will tieRead More

Rain Falls, So Does Pollen

The pollen count has been really high lately, mainly due to trees.  You know what would help with that, some rain.  Work with me here,Read More

April Showers???

Maybe its just me, but it *seems* like its been a wet spring.  After all, there has been at least some type of precipitation onRead More

Happy (Belated) Earth Day!

World leaders celebrated Earth Day in New York yesterday by signing the historic Paris Climate Agreement.  The goal is to limit global warming by “holdingRead More

Run Like the Sea Breeze

The Chief described in detail everything you could possibly want to know about the weather for today for whatever your plans are in his blog yesterday.  If youRead More

Right Side of Wrong

The Omega pattern I described in last weekend’s weather blog is solidly entrenched across North America.  "But wait Rob, you said that means we would getRead More