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Cold, With all of the Fixins’

This Thanksgiving your weather will come just like you turkey…with all of the fixings, trimmings and accoutrements.  In other words, we’ve got the possibility ofRead More

This is Heavy

To quote Doc Brown from Back to the Future “there’s that word again, ‘heavy,’  is there a problem with the earth’s gravitational pull?” No, weRead More

Here Comes the King

Now it’s time to endure the consequences of this morning’s “supermoon.”  Just in case you have no idea what I mean by “supermoon,” check outRead More

Super, Thanks for Asking

I know what you’re thinking, “didn’t we just talk about this like a month ago.”  We did and here is the proof.  And we willRead More

Wicked Weather

The weather in New England this time of year can be pretty wicked.  And I don’t mean wicked as in “wicked awesome.”  I mean wickedRead More

Over the Rainbow

Many of you may have noticed a beautiful rainbow or two this morning.  Being in a dark, windowless studio in a basement downtown (ironic forRead More

Wintah is Coming

For the first time this season we had some snow showers to track on the radar.  The snow was confined to western MA and VT overnightRead More

Falling Temps, Leaves

  A  powerful storm system is brining rain, wind, and cooler weather to the region this weekend.  All of that may spell the beginning ofRead More