‘Spotlight’ Oscar win celebrated in Boston and Hollywood

"Spotlight," the movie based on the Boston Globe’s investigation into the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal, took home the Best Picture award at the OscarsRead More

Prosecutors: Marathon bomber showed ‘opposite of remorse’

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev gave a stunning courtroom apology when he was sentenced to death in the deadly 2013 attack, but just after heRead More

Trump pulls out of GOP debate

Donald Trump declared Tuesday he would boycott the last Republican debate before the Iowa caucuses, leading Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to challenge him to aRead More

Healthcast: Waitstaff appearance may impact diners’ decisions

A new study suggests what we order when eating out may be influenced by our waiter’s appearance. After watching nearly 500 diners in 60 restaurants,Read More

Rare breed of owl spotted on traffic camera in Canada

A rare bird was caught on camera in Canada. A traffic camera was interrupted by an elusive snowy owl. The owl can be seen flyingRead More

Holiday Helping: Snickerdoodles

In this edition of Holiday Helping, 7News anchor Ryan Schulteis and his husband make snickerdoodle cookies. Order new 2015 recipes from the 7News team toRead More

California wildfire threatens Giant Sequoia trees

A California wildfire is threatening to sweep through an ancient grove of Giant Sequoia trees. Lightning strikes on July 31 sparked the wildfire. It hasRead More

Serving Up Summer – Ryan Schulteis: Potato Salad

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Meet Earl, the grumpy puppy

Move over Grumpy cat.  The grumpy puppy, named Earl, could replace Grumpy cat as the Internet's most popular animal. The 5-month old Iowa puppy hasRead More

Video of released in Texas jail death released

Texas authorities have released new video footage of the traffic stop the preceded Sandra Bland’s death. Bland was founded dead in her jail cell earlierRead More