Hiller Instinct: New York primary

The Big Apple primary turned out to be small potatoes. In fact, it was no potatoes. "Thank you New York!" said Hillary Clinton (D-New York)Read More

Hiller Instinct: Democratic debate in New York

It was a war of words in a battle of the wings. In one corner, there was Bernie Sanders–representing the progressive wing of the DemocraticRead More

Hiller Instinct: Post-Wisconsin conclusions

You can ask, but I can’t tell you who the next president will be. I don’t even know whether it will be a man orRead More

Hiller Instinct: The Wisconsin primary

It’s a big night for Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, and a small night for America. There are four candidates–two from each party–who have aRead More

Hiller Instinct: This GOP debate was a rerun

This debate was less noisy, but — on the issues — it was a rerun. If the road to the White House were an interstateRead More

Hiller Instinct: Democratic debate was no surprise

Michigan may have been a surprise, but this debate wasn’t. It was the 8th Democratic debate, the 4th with just Clinton and Sanders. So, by now,Read More

Harlem Globetrotters bring their show to TD Garden

The Harlem Globetrotters have wowed fans for almost a century and are bringing their 90th anniversary show to TD Garden this weekend. "It’s gonna beRead More

Hiller Instinct: GOP Debate was reckless and ugly

Reckless, revealing and ugly– this debate was all of that. And — as usual — Donald Trump was at the center of the storm aimedRead More

Hiller Instinct: Romney’s the wrong messenger

I haven’t said this in a long time:  Mitt happens! And today he happened again, though I’m not sure he’s going to get the politicalRead More

Hiller Instinct: We’re headed for a nasty campaign

Watching all the returns come in, I kept thinking about something Bernie Sanders said tonight, "This campaign is not about electing a president, it’s aboutRead More