Love is in the air on The CW’s Containment! (Well, love and a deadly virus threatening to wipe out all human life on Earth.)

Fans who have enjoyed watching Katie and Jake’s relationship unfold from within the confines of the hospital will really want to savor Tuesday’s episode (9/8c), which marks a major step forward in… whatever those two want to call what they’re doing.

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“What’s happening right now is a friendship, but anytime you open up to someone about your demons, it really bonds you and makes you closer,” Kristen Gutoskie(Katie) tells TVLine. “And there’s already a spark of an attraction between them, so I think this will definitely take things to the next level. They become teammates. It’s the closest they can become without touching each other.”

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Below, TVLine asks Gutoskie to expand on that whole “touching each other” bit, as well as preview what’s in store for her character, who seems to be growing dangerously curious about what’s really going on.

TVLINE | What is it about Katie and Jake that works so well? Where does that chemistry come from?
The interesting thing with Katie and Jake is that they’re both lonely. They don’t have anyone to go to. Jake has Lex, but he doesn’t really know how to open up to him, and Katie just has her kid. That’s kind of it. So the thing Katie and Jake have is a place where they can admit to stuff they’ve done in the past, and what’s beautiful is that they don’t judge each other. It’s a safe space, which is why it’s so easy for them to connect.

TVLINE | “Safe space” being a relative term on this show.
[Laughs] Yes, a metaphorical safe space. You ain’t gonna find a physical one, that’s for sure.

TVLINE | Does them not being able to touch become a source of frustration?
I mean, wouldn’t it for anyone? Here’s this person you’re attracted to, and you can’t even hold their hand. There’s got to be a lot of pent-up energy there. It’s torture. … Though it does force them to really get to know one another.

TVLINE | We’re told there’s a big Pushing Daisies moment, perhaps with cellophane. Are Katie and Jake involved in that?
Well, I can’t tell you who will be doing it, but there might be something sexy and cellophane-y.

TVLINE | What’s next for Katie, non-romantically?
Katie is unraveling the timeline of the virus. They’re saying it’s bioterrorism, but Katie saw the Syrian man alive while the other two doctors were dead. So you can’t really say he dies first. To her, that’s just not adding up. … She’s taking the opportunity of being in the hospital to explore the controversy. If we’re not safe with the authorities, where are we safe? She starts to examine if the virus was created in America.

TVLINE | It sounds like she’s totally changing her role in all of this.
She definitely takes on a very proactive role. I feel like her sole mission in life is to keep all of the children safe, so if she ends up with any blood on her hands, it’ll be over.

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