‘Hart of Dixie’ recap: A pregnancy shocker rocks Bluebell

So many things happened in so many relationships on Monday (Nov. 18) night's all-new "Hart of Dixie," but the biggest shocker of "I Run To You" was one big twist no one saw coming: Brick's going to be a dad … again!

That's right, after spending the whole episode coming to terms with the fact that he's ready to date again after his breakup with Shelby, Lemon dragged Brick over to see the new owner of Fancy's … Shelby, who is seven months pregnant. And seeing as how Brick broke up with Shelby six months ago … well, you do the math.

There are a couple of reasons why this pregnancy wasn't met with cheers of joy, but the biggest is: why on earth would Shelby keep it a secret from Brick? Something tells us this pregnancy is going to be causing a lot problems in Bluebell, both for Brick and Lemon (who had been trying to find out who the new owner of Fancy's was that overbid her for the restaurant).

Despite the fact that Shelby's return and pregnancy was the most shocking moment of the episode, it was only a tiny part of what was otherwise a big episode for many Bluebell couples. First up: George and Lynly, who have been hooking up nonstop ever since Lynly finally wore George down (ugh). George feels weird that they haven't told Lavon about their thing yet, and Lynly's quick to label their thing as a relationship, while George is more hesitant about it. We'd be hesitant to commit to a girl like Lynly, too … she's still just so manipulative and all-around the worst. As if you couldn't tell, we're still not okay with this pairing.

Matters are only made worse when Lynly hurts her knee while hooking up with George the night before a big track competition against Fillmore, and she was Lavon's star runner. She then spills the beans to her cousin, and tells Lavon everything about her "relationship" with George without even warning George first. Of course, Lavon freaks out and tells George he can't compete in the big race even though, after Lynly, he was the second best runner on Bluebell's team.

Meanwhile, Joel's been blowing off his writing to drink with Wade (he even missed his deadline to turn in his first two chapters of his book), and Zoe's not okay with their blossoming friendship. Pretty much for two reasons, only one of which is valid — he's been blowing off his writing to hang out with Wade, and she's clearly still in love with Wade so it's hard to see Joel spending so much time with him. Zoe even tries to confront Wade about it but is unsure of what to accuse him.

It turns out, it's not Wade's fault that Joel isn't getting his writing done. He is actually having major writer's block and anxiety about having a sophomore slump. He's worried that he's broken and his first book was just a fluke. Meanwhile, Tom Long thinks Joel's issues are actually Zoe's fault. Is she the Yoko Ono of Joel Stevens?

In order to help Joel overcome his writer's block, Zoe tries to turn the Rammer Jammer into his favorite NYC writing spots to help his creative process, complete with a goth waitress (Wanda) and a homeless man eyeing his cookies (Tom).

Despite Zoe's best efforts, it doesn't work and Joel wants to tell his agent that he's done with writing. Even though Zoe's been acting like a mom forcing her procrastinating child to get his homework done, he eschews her help for Wade's idea of playing video games and drinking beer to "blow off steam." He's seriously acting like a child, and Wade is only helping to highlight that, not encourage it. But of course Zoe is just blaming it all on Wade. Does she not see how Wade isn't forcing him to make the choices to blow off his work? That's all Joel.

In one of the most heartbreaking story lines of the hour, things are still awkward between Annabeth and Lavon even a few weeks after their confrontation about AB's proposal expectations and resulting kind-of ultimatum. Lavon's refusing to sit down and talk things through with AB, when that's all she wants to do to clear the air about how her ultimatum wasn't really an ultimatum.

When Joel stays out all night after going to Wade's, Zoe gets really pissed and heads over to his place to yell some more. Thank goodness for her timing, since it gave us 10 seconds of shirtless Wade. Hello, gratuitous abs! Once we refocused on the story, it became clear that Joel wasn't at Wade's. In fact, he wasn't even there when Wade got off work. Where was he?

The mystery cleared up when Wade got a ransom text of a photo of Joel tied up. You see, Tansy's three brothers are angry that Wade won't serve them beer at the Rammer Jammer anymore, but that's because they always ditch out on paying their tab. Joel's presence at Wade's made him prime hostage material for the brothers, who plan on holding him until Wade lets them off the hook for the money they owe him. Zoe helps Wade negotiate Joel's release, but it turns out the kidnapping was a blessing in disguise: the experience gave Joel the right inspiration and content to start writing again!

Getting fed up with Lavon's decision to throw him off the track team, George confronts Lavon about how his relationship with Lynly isn't going anywhere (much to our chagrin). Lavon realizes he's being immature and lets George run in the race, and that decision also leads him to realize that he's being immature by avoiding AB. He finally sits down to talk things out with her and confesses that he doesn't want to rush things with AB after his failures with Ruby and Lemon. But he does want to move forward, and he clears out a cupboard for AB's jam equipment, saying they are moving forward, but just slowly. And things are all good once more for AB and Lavon!

What did you think of "I Run To You?" Are you as annoyed with George falling prey to Lynly's immature manipulations as we are, or are they growing on you as a couple? What do you think of Brick's shocking news? Are you as glad as we are that Lavon and AB worked out their issues?

"Hart of Dixie" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.



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