Joseph Morgan teases more action in ‘The Originals’

Fans of “The originals” have already been on a roller coaster ride of twists and turns so far this season and there’s plenty of action to come.

Joseph Morgan may be half werewolf, half vampire but he is fully heating up the screen as the star of “The Originals.” He plays Klaus Mikaelson, the youngest of the Original family, a family built on secrets and lies. 

The werewolves and vampires are constantly at odds, creating a juicy character for Morgan, the first-ever hybrid of the two.

“That really is the fun part of playing him, having all of those different aspects, having all of those impulsive nature where he can flip from one emotion to another very quickly within a short space, and that makes him very unpredictable,” Morgan said.

That includes showdowns with his mother Esther, whose goal is to kill him.

And that’s not all the family drama. Morgan also gave us a sneak peek into what’s coming up with a fan favorite!

“Rebekah, my sister on the show, had to leave recently, and I know we can reveal now that she’s coming back for at least a couple of episodes, so stay tuned for that because as you know, if you know the Mikaelsons, with a family reunion, there’s always drama that goes on with that,” Morgan said.

You can catch “The Originals” Monday night on CW56 at 8 p.m.