‘Jane the Virgin’ Season 3 Abortion Plot: A Risk Worth Taking?


“Jane the Virgin” season 3 is speculated to revolve around abortion. Will this please fans or turn them off from the show? Their reactions remain to be seen but this makes the upcoming season highly-anticipated.

After the “Jane the Virgin” season 2 finale, fans are now getting excited as to what would be Xiomara do to her pregnancy with Esteban’s baby.

According to TV Line, Jane the Virgin season 3 might tackle abortion, which is an option for Xiomara’s pregnancy.

“I think that Jane can discuss that with, hopefully, a sort of candidness and honesty that we think that it deserves,” executive producer Jennie Urman told. “We, obviously, have somebody in our family, Alba, who would not be in favor of it, and Jane and Xo would feel differently. So we’ll have to see who wins out.”

In another interview, the executive producer also clarified that there is plan to have a pregnancy every season, but not necessarily the characters will give birth. This hints that there is indeed an abortion plot in Jane the Virgin season 3.

“Well, maybe a pregnancy but not necessarily a baby,” she said. Petra was trying to get herself pregnant. Xo, we know very well, does not want to have another baby.”

She underscored that Xiomara does not want another baby with Rogelio and “certainly doesn’t want to have a baby with Esteban.”

“So that will be what we deal with when we come back,” she concluded.

This abortion plot of the upcoming season has made its audience get giddy as many viewers now that this is the time to shed light on the topic that has been an issue for women.

According to Jezebel, Jane the Virgin has been a well-loved television season for its enjoyable telenovela style of narration, as adapted from the Latinos.

The reports says it can challenge the status quo of other drama series which does not dwell on the topic.

“I would love it if one of these shows actually showed someone choosing to have the abortion. That would be something,” one fan said.

To you ‘Jane the Virgin’ fans, what to you say? Yay or nay?