The show will take the form of an anthology spanning 70 decades – questioning the very nature of immortality

By Clarisse Loughrey

If you wanted to describe the ’80s to some newly arrived time traveller, you could probably just show them 1987’s The Lost Boys.

It’s the ’80s at its most glorious peak: a cult rocker horror about young vampires who despise wearing shirts, love wearing leather, and adore homoerotic tension. Not forgetting theinfamous Sax Man: the greased-up, shirtless, saxophone playing wonder who’s been granted cult status thanks to the internet and aSaturday Night Live parody featuring Jon Hamm.

Which either makes it a particularly poor target for rehashing or an excellent opportunity to remould a classic for modern times; depending on which way you choose to look at it. The CW is developing a TV reboot of the film, reports Variety; hailed byVeronica Mars and iZombie creator Rob Thomas.

The show will be an anthology of sorts, attempting to provide a totally fresh look at vampires by asking the question, “what does it really mean to be immortal?” A tough job considering the market is already pretty flooded vampire-wise; with The Vampire Diaries,True Blood, and American Horror Story: Hotel tackling the subject.

Each season of the show will take place in a different decade, with plans for seven series spanning 70 decades in total; with the first season set in San Francisco during 1967, AKA the Summer of Love. The humans, setting, antagonist, and story is set to change with each new season; only the Lost Boys themselves – the vampiric folk – will ever stay the same.

Now, can we get confirmation on whether the character of Sax Man will be making a reappearance or not?


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