(CNN) — Kelly Rizzo, the widow of late comedian and actor Bob Saget, is thanking those who have reached out to her to express their support since his sudden death in January.

“I just wanted to take a second to say to everybody that it has not gone unnoticed. I have been incredibly grateful and appreciative of all of you for the love and support,” Rizzo said in a video posted to her Instagram stories on Tuesday. “I have had people who were strangers that now have become friends on Instagram. So many people have shared their stories with me of the loss that you’ve been through, and you’ve poured out your heart, and it’s just really kind that you’ve tried to help me by sharing your stories.”

She went on to say, “This whole grief thing is something that I’ve learned recently. A lot of people don’t really understand, don’t really like to talk about it, it’s not a very fun topic, but it’s something that at one point or another, we all go through. And even though I’m still very new to this world, I feel I’ve kinda had a crash course in it. Especially doing it very publicly, it adds a whole other level. It takes it to this different place that you understand things in a certain way.”

The couple married in 2019 after dating for three years.

Rizzo concluded her video by saying, “I can assure you that the kindness you all have shown has been a little bright spot and has made this a bit easier … Seeing how much of an impact he had on all your lives is life-changing and (it’s) just immeasurable how much it means to all of us, and especially how much I know it would mean to Bob,” she added. “He thought he was pretty well-liked I don’t think he had any idea that it was to this extent how much of a difference he truly made, and so that is what I am so grateful for, so thank you all for showing me that.”

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