Country star Kenny Chesney shares some memories of filming off Gloucester coast

GLOUCESTER , MASS. (WHDH) - Kenny Chesney shared some of his favorite memories from the set of the music video for his new single “Knowing You” which was shot all around New England.

In filming the ‘Knowing You’ video we were in a lot of different environments,” he said. “One of my favorite environments was being on that fishing boat in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in New England.”

Chesney said the video was shot over the course of a few days, two of which were in Gloucester.

The country music star spoke about one of the more memorable moments of shooting off the coast of the North Shore when some of the production crew began to get seasick.

“It was really rough out there for a good while, and I could just see it on some of the film crew’s faces, that they were fighting nausea real bad and getting seasick,” he explained.

But, the beautiful scenery that only New England can deliver made it all worth it in the end.

“I’m not saying that was my favorite moment because it wasn’t. But it’s a moment that sticks out a lot and watching them overcome their nausea to try and film a great video, and that’s what they did. That’s something that definitely stands out in shooting this film,” Chesney said.

The song debuted in March.


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