Jake Gyllenhaal, Jeff Bauman attend premiere of ‘Stronger’ at Spaulding Rehab Hospital

BOSTON (WHDH) - Hollywood returned to Boston Tuesday for the local premiere of what could be one of the most emotional movies in years.

In the film “Stronger,” Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jeff Bauman, who lost both of his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing. The movie’s local premiere is being held at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, where Bauman recovered.

7News sat down with Gyllenhaal, who said he considers this his most important role.

“I was nervous because I had to play him, you know, I had to do service to his story,” said Gyllenhaal. “I knew that I’d have to get into the specifics, you know, I don’t really like to walk away without some of the truth, so I knew that was going to be difficult and sensitive,” he added.

The movie dives into Bauman’s struggles during his recovery, his relationship with his then wife Erin—portrayed by Tatiana Maslany—and his ability to overcome adversity while remaining in the spotlight in the aftermath of the bombing.

The film will also portray several important moments in his life including throwing out the first pitch at Fenway Park and waving a “Boston Strong” flag before a Bruins game a few weeks after the bombing.

“Stronger” is the second movie to be made about the Boston Marathon bombing. Mark Wahlberg’s “Patriot’s Day” received mixed reviews, but it did bring back a great deal of emotion from that week four years ago. “Stronger” will also showcase the resilience of both Bauman and the city of Boston.

“The pressure’s been on me from the beginning, and I still feel the pressure of it,” said Gyllenhaal. “I still feel the responsibility, not only to Jeff, not only to everybody who suffered that day in particular, but the city and how it affected the city,” he added.

Gyllenhaal said he became very close with Bauman over the course of making the movie.

The screening is set to begin at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

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