Mark Wahlberg under fire after being paid more than Michelle Williams for re-shooting movie

(WHDH) — Dorchester native Mark Wahlberg is at the center of a paycheck controversy in Hollywood after the actor was reportedly paid significantly more than his female co-star for a recent movie re-shoot.

The movie, titled, “All the Money in the World,” was being re-shot after the film’s creators decided to replace one of the film’s original stars, Kevin Spacey, following sexual misconduct allegations.

The report from the Washington Post says that Wahlberg was paid more than one million dollars to re-shoot his scenes in the movie, while co-star Michelle Williams was paid a much more modest sum.

The report says Williams wasn’t told about Wahlberg’s negotiated fee. Both actors are represented by the same agency.

Actress Jessica Chastain responded to the report on Twitter.

The Post also reports that Wahlberg and his manager have a reputation in Hollywood for driving a tough bargain — in August, he was named the highest-paid actor of the year, with pre-tax earnings of $68 million.

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