Shields Healthcare commercial with Brady is redone with Goodell jab

BOSTON (WHDH) - A commercial for Shields Healthcare featuring Tom Brady got an added twist after the Patriots won the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The commercial was filmed last fall and started running earlier in the season. Erin O’Reilly, Brady’s co-star in the commercial, said the update was also filmed at the time as an alternative ending.

“They had a few ideas up their sleeve, a couple of alternative endings and that was one of them,” said O’Reilly, who grew up in Wellesley but now lives in California.

O’Reilly plays an attendant at the doctor’s office who asks Brady to put his Super Bowl rings in a locker room for protection. In the updated version, Brady pulls a fifth ring out to put inside the locker. There’s also a not-so-subtle jab at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, when Brady says “Roger that!” after O’Reilly says they need a bigger locker.

While Brady did not have his fifth ring yet, O’Reilly said he re-used one of his other rings to stand in for it.

O’Reilly said working with Brady was a “pinch-me moment” and that the Patriots quarterback let her and other people on the set try on his championship rings.

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