MANCHESTER, Tenn. (WHDH) – A sound effect resembling a gunshot caused concern for many during an Eminem performance at the Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee.

One concert-goer, Gabrielle, who recorded the video said the sound effect sounded so real, she even ducked.

“I looked around and no one was running, so my body was tense and shaky,” Gabrielle said. “After the first one, when I saw that we were all safe, I instantly got annoyed and a little angry. And when it happened again, I thought that he was just pushing too many buttons.”

Gabrielle said the noise went off about three more times before fireworks accompanied the effect. That’s when she said she was truly confident it was part of the show.

But by then, Gabrielle had already left. She said the images from the Las Vegas shooting kept playing over in her mind.

“I found it extremely insensitive,” Gabrielle said. “I think we just live in a time where it just can’t be art. You have to be aware that people in that audience can be triggered by that kind of thing. “

While many agree with Gabrielle, other are coming to the rapper’s defense on social media. Some are saying those in attendance should have expected the sound effects because the rapper uses them for every show.

The performance was Gabrielle’s first Eminem concert, and she said she was not prepared for that part of the performance.

“We didn’t opt into an Eminem concert, we opted into Bonnaroo, whose message is radiate positivity and it was a really negative experience,” she said.

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