(CNN) — The “Wheel of Fortune” contestant whose “loveless marriage” intro went viral swears he was joking and is in fact very happily married.

On Tuesday’s show, Blair Davis told host Pat Sajak that he was “trapped in a loveless marriage” with an old “battle-ax” named Kim and that she “cursed my life with three stepchildren, named Star, RJ, and Ryan, and I have one rotten grandson.”

His wife, Kim Davis, loved it.

“We are constantly calling each other different names around the house,” she told The New York Post.

She says she knew what her husband was planning beforehand and it was wife approved. She was even at the taping.

“I already knew it was coming,” Kim said. “Everybody [at home] laughed.”

She explained why they planned the whole thing.

“We watch the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ all the time and people are always saying, ‘my gorgeous wife’ or ‘my handsome husband,’ ” she said. “I told him not to say, ‘my gorgeous wife,’ because I didn’t want the audience to think, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s not gorgeous. Why would he say that?’ ”

The two run a trucking and property business in San Diego and met online in 2005. In person, Davis said, their attraction was immediate.

“I fell in love with her the moment I saw her,” he said. “My wife is extremely intelligent and really beautiful. I’m lucky to have her.”

Davis’ intro had gone viral, so he wanted to assure everyone, “I love ’em like nobody’s business.”

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