Future of Boston fireworks unclear

BOSTON (WHDH) - Boston’s annual Fourth of July fireworks tradition is only days away, and along with the excitement that comes with the event, there is also fear that this year’s show could be the last.

Hundreds of shells are being prepped for launch from a barge in the Charles River — a safe distance away from the Hatch Shell and the huge crowds.

Ian Mackenzie is the chief pyro technician.

“I’ve been doing this for over 15 years, and there’s always a new challenge, there’s always something new and exciting,” Mackenzie said.

For Mackenzie, this show inspired him to set off on a career path few can master.

But one thing on many people’s minds this year is what’s going to happen next year.

Longtime sponsor David Mugar announced he’s retiring, making the future of fireworks on the Esplanade now uncertain.

Since Mugar announced this was his last year funding the event, no other sponsors have stepped up to foot the $2 million bill.

With next year up in the air, Mugar wants his last show to go out with a bang.

And for Ian Mackenzie, it’s all about making this year as memorable as years past.

Mugar said he hopes the next sponsor will also be a single sponsor, and he remains optimistic the show will go on.


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