Hiller Instinct: 2016 Election is new territory for US

BOSTON (WHDH) - America was born after a violent revolution.

Yesterday, there was a peaceful revolution.

Today, we’re in new political territory–impossible for many to understand or accept.

For months we were told Donald Trump couldn’t possibly win.

But what Trump delivered yesterday was a political I.E.D. — an improvised explosive device that blew up Clinton, the Democratic Party and conventional wisdom all at once.

Today, Hillary Clinton’s decades-long pursuit of the presidency is dead…it’s the Democrats–not the Republicans — who look like Humpty Dumpty and have to be put together again…and trust in the media organizations  that produced the conventional wisdom that was wrong–is at an all-time low.

What now?

We have a president-elect whom millions of Americans think is unsuitable and unworthy of the office.

We have a president-elect intent on erasing the two major accomplishments of the current president: Obamacare and the Iran Nuke Deal.

We have one president-elect and two Americas (maybe more) — since we’re now divided by race, gender, wealth, education and religion.

What’s the answer?


But how?

When what we’ve been celebrating for years is diversity–what makes us different from one another.

That’s one reason we’ve regressed into political tribes.

Which is why, today it’s fair to ask:

Who are we?

What, exactly, does the United States stand for?

How can we come together?

If we’re going to, then here’ something we need :  Consent of the governed…All the governed.

If we stay divided, we’ll fall.

Will we survive?

We’ll see.

The reality show has become reality.

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