Hiller Instinct: It’s official – Trump is crowned nominee in Cleveland

BOSTON (WHDH) - The biggest moment at the Republican National Convention today was the moment Donald Trump officially became the GOP nominee for president. Put over the top by his son.

“Congratulations Dad, we love you!” said Donald Trump, Jr. on the convention floor in Cleveland.

Be honest, a year ago, when Trump announced he was running, did you think he had any chance? The experts laughed; the odds against him winning were more than fifty to one, and Jeb Bush was the favorite.

Now that sounds like ancient history. Because Donald Trump has made new history: Winning the Republican nomination despite opposition from the party’s establishment and some of its most prominent politicians.

It’s no exaggeration to say Trump has officially taken over the Republican party or that it was a hostile takeover. The question now is what will he do with it. And what will voters do with him.

So far, the GOP convention is off to a rough start, and may not give Trump much of a bounce. He speaks every night, but the biggest story is still his wife’s plagiarized speech.

Trump needs momentum! More and more, the biggest moment of the entire convention will be his speech Thursday night. And you can bet the White House it won’t be copied from anywhere.

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