Hiller: Trump’s debate strategy was a losing strategy

BOSTON (WHDH) - The presidential race was dead-locked before this debate, but it may not be much longer.

Hillary Clinton was at her very best in this debate, and Donald Trump wasn’t. She smiled; he scowled. She looked confident; he looked frustrated. She was precise; he rambled.

Can you guess who I think won? In case you can’t, Hillary Clinton was my clear winner.

She was perfectly prepared, not only with answers, but also with how she looked when the camera showed her reacting to Trump. If she ever felt pressured, she never showed it. She was always in control, and never defensive.

I don’t know what Trump’s debate strategy was, but it was a losing strategy. He interrupted, made his usual faces, and said things that didn’t make sense.

Example: He charged Clinton with “fighting ISIS all her adult life.” Huh? Hillary was 52 years old when ISIS was founded in 1999.

It’s going to take a few days before polls measure the impact of this debate on voters. But I have a guess: Hillary Clinton’s lead is going to grow.

Tonight, she was the teacher, while Trump sounded like the student who wasn’t ready for the big test.

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