Tuesday night, the House of Blues was packed for a sold-out show featuring Zedd, a DJ. At the show, police said one young woman died of an apparent overdose and two others were taken to the hospital.

Some fans watched as one girl was taken away in a stretcher.

“She was lying there motionless. One my friends noticed she had cuts on her legs. She may have been on ground for a while,” Ryan Kelley said.

Police said the three who got sick are suspected of overdosing on an unknown substance. They were not at the concert together.

The death and overdoses have some concerned that this type of music may be promoting drug use, but fans say that’s not the case.

“This music doesn’t make me want to do it at all. It makes me want to jump and have fun,” Melanie Aubrey said.

“I’ve come, never done that stuff, and I’ve had just a good time,” Nick Petisce said.

Zedd tweeted out to his followers regarding the concert’s cancellation:





Some fans were disappointed.

“I’m still a little shocked it got canceled. Sad girl had to die,” Mike Cortese said.

Others thought canceling the concert so police could continue to investigate was the right move.

“It changes it for me. It’s weird for me to think someone died there,” Kelley said.

Fans who attended Tuesday’s show said they were patted down before they were allowed to enter.

Bouncers also smelled their breath to see if they smelled of alcohol.

Fans said they were told that if they were under the influence of either drugs or alcohol they would not be allowed inside the building.

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