1 killed in hazardous materials situation in Randolph

Emergency crews were forced to evacuate three apartment buildings after a hazardous materials situation at 45 West Street in Randolph where a 64-year-old man was found dead.

A maintenance worker called for help after finding a sign that said “poison” on it.

The note left on a bathroom door set off the scare, and investigators believed this happened more than a week ago. Residents said they had not recently seen the deceased man.

Keith McGrory, the maintenance worker, climbed to take a look inside the man’s sliding glass door after there was no answer at the apartment.

“We were pounding on the door and nothing, hit the slider open, and went inside, looked in his bedroom. Saw nothing. Then I looked at his bathroom door which was closed and saw a sign that said ‘do not enter, call poison control,’” he said.

Crews put on special suits to investigate the apartment complex which has now been reopened to residents.