And his message is simple: New Hampshire Republicans should support him, and not Mitt Romney–whom he describes with disdain:

"I guess I could say 'well-lubricated weather vane,'” Huntsman said.

In an internet ad, Mitt Romney says, "I just don't take questions unless they're in a press avail."

Huntsman is taking on Romney in a double-barreled attack. This internet site–named Scared Mittless–cites Romney's repeated refusals to be interviewed.

Huntsman says Romney is cheating voters:

"The clocks are running on Governor Romney's failure to make his case in a public context."

And in this ad, another shot at Romney, with a Huntsman supporter promising he's

"not some phony who tells me one thing and you another."

“Jon Huntsman, why haven't we heard of this guy?” says another guy in the ad.

Hiller asks, "Well, why haven't we heard about this guy?"

Huntsman says "We're new to the race, we've only been in a few months. We focus laser-like on New Hampshire…and that takes a while before you get the point where you've got broad based recognition, and we'll be there by the end of December."

Huntsman has a long way to go. Right now, he's far behind in New Hampshire…

"After they go through practically everybody else, the ups and the downs, they'll come back to us. I have every confidence…” Huntsman says.

Hiller: “Your turn is coming?

Huntsman: “I do believe, I do believe."

I don't believe, but I don't disbelieve.

Historically, the New Hampshire Primary cuts the number of a party's presidential candidates to two.

Mitt Romney will be one. Jon Huntsman can still be the other.

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