10-year-old Clark Kent shatters Michael Phelps’ record

SALINAS, Calif. (WHDH) – A 10-year-old swimmer from California shattered Michael Phelps’ long-standing record at the Far Western International Sunday.

Clark Kent Apuada swam the 100-meter butterfly in 1 minute, 9.38 seconds on his way to winning every event he competed in on the day. Phelps’ record was 1:10:48.

“And that 100 fly, he broke that record by a second which is a lot in swimming. But not only that, he beat his competition by over five seconds,” said Dia Rianda, CEO of the Salinas Aquatic Center.

“He’s incredible,” said Travis Rianda, a coach at the Salinas Aquatic Center. “He’s a musician, he’s a scientist, he’s an artist, he’s a martial artist, he’s an incredible human being. He’s what I strive to achieve.”

And to others out there with a dream, Apuada had some words of wisdom.

“Always have fun and never give up on your dreams, no matter what anybody says,” he said. “And yes, that was one of my dreams to beat Michael Phelps’ record since I was seven.”

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