15-year-old Shrewsbury boy creates online COVID-19 tracking tool

SHREWSBURY, MASS. (WHDH) - A Shrewsbury high school student has created a tracking tool for COVID-19 data.

Fifteen-year-old William Wu created a website that tracks infections for school districts in 20 states, including Massachusetts.

The site uses data from public health and education departments.

Wu said he got the idea after watching his mother look at daily data from his sister’s college in Georgia.

“This data was kind of hard to access. It wasn’t very easily accessible and it wasn’t in a format that was easily presentable or very eye-pleasing,” Wu said. “So I decided to put all this data together into one platform make it easily accessible and easy to read.”

Wu said that some states have to get better at reporting data.

He said he has already received some feedback on the site and will continue to tweak and develop it over time.

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